Transponder Info

When charging: Make sure the center light is green and the checkered flag light is blinking red. In this example- the center light is red, meaning the subscription either isn’t up to date- or hasn’t been transferred to race key. If you have paid your subscription and the center light is red, must run my laps connect so that the subscription transfers to race key. Within 4 hours the checkered flag should be green.


When running Mylaps Connect, all three lights will be blink bright BLUE.

Without running Mylaps Connect Software, connect the race key the transponder and you should see this:

1. Center light should be bright green, indicating ACTIVATED.

2. Checkered Flag light should blink RED, indicating CHARGING,
then within 4 hours will turn BRIGHT GREEN, indicating FULL CHARGE.
When you have the race key in the transponder and powered up,
the light on the top of the transponder should be steady green, dimly lit or blinking Red.

3. Final light on Race Key will be Green or Blue. Green indicates you are on a PC, BLUE indicates other USB power.

On USB power
On PC power

If you see Pink or Purple lights on your race key, this indicates that your USB power supply is too weak and your transponder will not charge until you connect to a better USB power supply. Please use a 2 AMP charger!

Now disconnect the race key and you should see this:

1.  Remove the cap on the top of the transponder.
Look down into that stem and watch for blinking sequence every 5 seconds.
If you see 4 green blinks, your transponder is working and will work for next 4 days, 3 green blinks = 3 days etc.

A fast red blinking on the top of the transponder indicates your transponder is NOT active and is not transmitting a signal.