Next Race: Monday, August 24 – Night 1 of the 2020 Christian Brothers Ford Shootout

Monday, August 24 is sponsored by: Christian Brothers Ford

Full Race Schedule: http://redriverkartclub.com/blog/schedule

We are following CDC guidelines and please practice social distancing while at the track. Masks are encouraged but not mandatory. If you feel sick, stay home.

Gates Open: 5:30 pm
Driver Draw Cutoff: 6:15 pm
Race: 6:30 pm

Racing divisions:
Briggs Local Option 206 (Blue & Black Slides)
Adult Stock

Grandstands & Tailgate Sections = FREE
Driver + Kart = $20
Pit Members = $10

We’ll have:
– Delicious concession food, ice-cold beverages and treats at the JDP/Petro Power-Up Food Shack

Watch LIVE:
Can’t make it to the race? Tune-in to our Facebook page (facebook.com/redriverkartclub) for LIVE racing coverage. Broadcast begins at 6:30 pm.

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Red River River Kart Club:
1805 Main Avenue West – West Fargo, ND
(Northwest corner of the Red River Valley Fairgrounds)
Track Surface: 1/10 mile asphalt oval

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2020 Christian Brothers Ford Shootout Rules:

The 2020 Red River Kart Club Christian Brothers Ford Shootout will take place over 2 race nights. Night 1 will take place on Monday, August 24th, and will consist of 2 preliminary rounds of heat races for all classes.

Night 2 will take place on Monday, August 31st, and consist of 1 additional preliminary heat race followed by feature events for all classes. Preliminary heat races will be 15 laps each and features will be 20 laps for all classes. (Novice Class: Preliminary heat races will be 10 laps each and features will be 15 laps.) Night 2 will also be a “Meet & Greet” prior to the feature races.

Drivers will accumulate points based on their finishing position in each preliminary heat race. These overall points will then be tallied up to determine the starting positions for each feature event, with the overall highest point earner in each class starting on the pole, the driver with the second highest point total starting on the outside of the front row and so on.

Starting positions for heat race #1 will be determined by draw. Starting positions for heat races #2 & #3 will be based on an invert of the finishing order of the previous heat. The driver with the lowest finishing position starts on pole position and the driver with the highest finishing position starts last.

Awards will be given to the 1st place feature finisher in each class. (No awards will be given out for Night 1.)

Points will be tallied once again after all feature events have been run and awards will also be given to the top 10 point earners in the club as a whole. This means that a driver in any class has a shot at one of these 10 awards based on their overall point totals through the feature events on night 2. These awards will be handed out at our season-ending banquet.

Points will be distributed as follows:

1st – 25
2nd – 22
3rd – 20
4th – 19
5th – 18
6th – 17
7th – 16
8th – 15
9th – 14
10th – 13
11th – 12
12th – 11
13th – 10
14th – 9
15th – 8

1st – 50
2nd – 47
3rd – 45
4th – 44
5th – 43
6th – 42
7th – 41
8th – 40
9th – 39
10th – 38
11th – 37
12th – 36
13th – 35
14th – 34
15th – 33

Event Specific Rules:

• A class will need a minimum of 4 karts to receive points. If there are fewer karts registered in a class, drivers will be placed in the class above. Jumping to a lower class will NOT be allowed. You can only compete in 1 class. (Any class may be combined at the discretion of the Club.)

• Karts will be scaled. If your kart fails to make weight you will be disqualified from that individual race and will receive no points. If you are unsure what your individual weight requirement is for your class, be sure to ask.

• If you miss Night 1, you’ll need to start at the back of both races on Night 2.

• Even though there is no draw on Night 2, all drivers must check-in.

• If you receive a black flag and are DQ’d from any race throughout the event you will receive zero points for that individual race.

• If you do not finish a race throughout the event you will receive zero points for that individual race.

• We will be doing random Raceceiver checks each night. If you fail the Raceceiver test, you will be DQ’d and receive zero points for that individual race.

• After 2 yellow flags in a race, it will be a yellow/black situation. Starting with the 3rd caution and beyond, if a driver causes a caution, they will receive zero points for that individual race.

• If a driver causes 2 yellow flags in a race, they will receive zero points for that individual race.

• If a driver does not start a race, they will receive zero points for that individual race.


• The Adult class will be scored and awarded separately from the kids. Top 3 will be awarded. (Memberships are not required for the adult class)

• All other Red River Kart Club tech and safety rules will also apply to this event.