Transponders – 2018 Season

Red River Kart Club Members:

REMINDER: Transponders are required for ALL classes for the 2018 race season and beyond.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE A TRANSPONDER, ORDER ONE NOW. You won’t be able to race without one. This is your last chance to order one. They will NOT be available to purchase at the track.

If you don’t know what a transponder is, it’s a small unit that attaches to the chassis of your kart. As the kart drives over a buried scoring loop under the race track, (finish line) it registers your kart and position at the line. It processes instant race results.

We’d like people to have these ready, attached and ready to go for Test & Tune – Monday, May 28th to work out the kinks and challenges, as we want to be ready for our first race of the season – Monday, June 4th.

In order to do this, PLEASE get your transponder order in ASAP so that we can get these ordered and coming. If you don’t have a transponder for the first race, you will not be scored.

Note: The transponders come with a 1-year subscription.

If you already have a transponder or are going to purchase from a friend or another source, please keep in mind the following:

  • You CAN USE the X2s with a YELLOW stripe and the older AMB / MYLAPS that are red or yellow
  • You cannot USE X2s with some other color stripe (Red or Orange)
  • You cannot USE older Mylaps / AMB transponders that are Orange

PLEASE contact Deanne Schatz at Deanne@ideaone.net or 701-238-3200 to put your name on one and organize payment and pick up. If you put your name on the waiting list at the banquet, you still need to contact Deanne.


More about the X2 Transponder Kart

Get ready to race

Make sure you follow these steps before you head for the track:

  • Log into your MYLAPS account or create one
  • Register your transponder
  • Activate your subscription

More information about activating and installation in the quick start guide.

X2 Subscriptions

X2 Transponders come with a subscription for 1, 2 or 5 years. When the subscription ends, you can renew it with another period.

Introducing the X2 RaceKey

New with X2 is the X2 RaceKey. The RaceKey helps you activate your transponder and manage your subscription.

  • When you use the transponder as a rechargeable one, the X2 RaceKey is used to charge it. X2 features supercharging: it will fully charge in only 4 hours.

Video tutorial

For a tutorial video on how to register your X2 Transponder and activate it, visit one of the links below: