This is the list of names for the Awards to be handed out during the Banquet on November 2nd.


  1. Check the spelling of your child’s name
  2. Verify that the kart number is correct
  3. Is the Class correct

This is what will be printed on the year-end awards and Sailer memorial awards. If you don’t see your name, let us know. If your name is in RED, you have not paid your RRKC Membership and you will not receive an award at the Banquet. We need to order the awards ASAP and so the deadline for corrections is Friday, October 14th. 

Adults: Sorry, but you will not be receiving year-end awards. However, you will receive an award if you placed in position during the Bob Sailer Memorial race.


Novice 1
89 Spencer Frueh
38 Lexi Kunze
2 Hailey Alm
115 Domnick Crocker
25R Jerzee Rosinski
22 Gracin Spieker
15 Brogen Erickson
23 Reece Moseng
11 Jacob Brandt
12 Mason Zarak
22X Hudson Marti
40 Kyle Vanmil
84 Brody Johnson

Novice 2
6K Carson Kozojed
35 Gaige Weldon
88 Ryan Duda
77 Brody Koffler
C14 Chessen Coleman
174 Connor Matz
25 Alexander Clark
7K Kody Machart
75 Ryley Goodman

Rookie 1
3 Blake Bjorndahl
99 Olivia Mau
8 McCoy Ferguson
29M Macey Olson
12 Kaden Kozojed
8 Lexi Froemke
A1 Austin Dremew

Rookie 2
34 Vince Noble
7 Simon Mau
24P Brady Plantz
12J Jacob Jenks
3 AJ Smith
25 Keagen Houser
7 Jesse Hallstrom
15 Andrea Jacobson

206 Blue Slide
01 Alex Tschakert
3T Tucker Tschakert
31 Wyatt Reisnour
15A Amelia Eisenschenk
15L Lalia Eisenschenk
2 Ashton Spieker
5G Garrison Miller
7H Evan Hendrickson
24 Jake Haugeberg
18 Tate Magnuson
5S Derek Shannon
19 Cole Greseth
5 Toby Braseth
5X Xander Coleman
71 James Peterson
7T Tawn Bauker
14 Caden Schank
5P Gage Purkerback

206 Black Slide
B1 Brody Carlsrud
6 Colton Evert
88 Caden Utesch
72 Tye Wilke
10K Jacob Kragero
22 Bryce Haugeberg
29 Ryan Braseth
76 Gwen Sailer
68 Doug Hjermstad
7T Taron Backer